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What is Legacy Medical Billing?

Legacy Medical Billing is a full service medical billing company that provides a comprehensive range of services for healthcare providers. We offer medical billing, primary and secondary claim submission, patient payment posting, claim follow up and rebills/AR (accounts receivable) services, monitoring of accounts receivable, timely processing of claims, patient statements and collections, billing audit and clean up, contracting and credentialing, health plan provider enrollment, contract renewals, reimbursement negotiations, practice management analysis, and in-person office visits.

How does Legacy Medical Billing improve my billing process?

Legacy Medical Billing specializes in improving the accuracy and efficiency of your billing process. Our team of experts will quickly identify billing errors and inefficiencies that are preventing you from maximizing your reimbursements. We have an in-depth knowledge of coding and billing rules and regulations that will ensure compliance with payers. Legacy Medical Billing will also provide you with detailed monthly reports that will help you track and monitor your accounts receivable.

How does Legacy Medical Billing handle primary claim submissions?

Legacy Medical Billing offers specialized claim submission services to ensure that your primary claims are processed accurately and efficiently. Our team follows correct coding and billing guidelines to ensure that all primary claims are submitted within the payer's allowed timeframe. Our goal is to help you maximize your reimbursements by ensuring that primary claims are submitted quickly and are free of errors.

How does Legacy Medical Billing handle secondary claim submissions?

Secondary Claims - When a primary claim is processed and paid, our team at Legacy Medical Billing will immediately begin the process of secondary claim submission. With the same knowledge and attention to detail that we give primary claims, secondary claims are submitted and tracked to ensure accurate and efficient processing and payment.

What collections services does Legacy Medical Billing offer?

Legacy Medical Billing provides your practice or organization with comprehensive medical collections services. We have an experienced team of medical collections specialists that will aggressively pursue unpaid invoices and provide timely and organized patient statements. Our team will also work with your patients to establish payment plans and offer other financial options.

How can Legacy Medical Billing help with incorrect billing practices?

Legacy Medical Billing has an excellent team of billing specialists that are highly knowledgeable about coding and billing guidelines. We understand that incorrect or inappropriate billing practices can lead to serious consequences, including lost revenue. Our team provides detailed billing audits and cleanups to identify and correct billing errors before they become costly mistakes.

Does Legacy Medical Billing offer health plan provider enrollment services?

Yes, Legacy Medical Billing offers a comprehensive health plan provider enrollment service. Our team will help ensure that you meet the necessary requirements for participating in health plans and gain access to all of the payers that are offering services in your area. We will also manage any contract negotiations and renewals with payers.

What practice management analysis services does Legacy Medical Billing offer?

Legacy Medical Billing offers a wide variety of practice analysis services to ensure that your billing and coding practices are up to date with current billing guidelines. We will provide you with detailed reports that will identify any areas of improvement or any areas that should be monitored. Our team also offers in-person office visits to help you streamline your billing process and improve efficiency.

How does Legacy Medical Billing ensure timely processing of claims?

At Legacy Medical Billing, we understand the importance of timely processing of claims. We utilize an experienced team of coders and billers who are familiar with the latest coding and billing guidelines. We also use an automated medical billing system to automate and streamline the claim submission process, ensuring claims are processed accurately and quickly.

What security measures does Legacy Medical Billing take to protect my data?

Legacy Medical Billing takes legal and technical measures to ensure your data is secure and confidential. All of our employees go through a thorough background check and are trained on data security and privacy regulations. Our secure web-based portal also utilizes high-level encryption technology, making it impossible for anyone to gain unauthorized access to your data.